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Online shopping guide and affiliate concept

Together with Studio Evers we developed and launched a new affiliate concept called BigSellers. The concept, strategy and content is made by WeBrands. The corporate identity and design is by Studio Evers Haarlem. The BigSellers website went live in the beginning of this year and it was an instant success! We immediately got good traffic. de online winkelgids voor de leukste cadeaus, gadgets en uitjes


That was mainly because the responsive WordPress website was built by Studio Evers in close collaboration with WeBrands. The two companies worked perfectly together. Both playing to their strength. In addition to Studio Evers Haarlem, 4BIS Innovations came on board to facilitate our large numbers of online visitors when the website started to grow.

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We’re proud that the site received so much traffic right from the start. And without the need to spent a lot of money on expensive advertisements. In the first month, thousands of visitors already found their way to the site. With an average session duration of several minutes and a bounce rate of well under 20%, we know how to find an audience.

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We’re very pleased to see that BigSellers has been a success from the very first moment. We will continue to actively monitor and adjust the site in the coming years. We won’t be paying for advertisement as long as BigSellers keeps growing organically. Because in our opinion, organic growth is the most sustainable form of growth.

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